Friday, October 5, 2012

Why prices of new HDB flats shot up so much

In 1991-1995 98,994 flats were built
In 1995-2000 157,919 flats were built
In 2001-2005 55,135 flats were built
In 2006-2010 26, 319 flats were built

Is it a surprise that prices of new HDB flats shot up so much?,-citizens-young,-well-qualified
Many new PRs, citizens young, well-qualified

Experts note the rising number of Singaporeans marrying foreigners; say spouse, kids should get PR or citizenship
Updated 01:43 PM Jul 27, 2012
by Ng Jing Yng

SINGAPORE - Immigration statistics revealed by the Government for the first time showed that, between 2007 and last year, the majority of those granted citizenship and permanent residence were not economically active - with the number of dependents outstripping working individuals.

During this period, there were 259,040 new permanent residents (PRs) and 92,310 new citizens. Working individuals accounted for 48 per cent of the new PRs and 38 per cent of the new citizens.

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